As serious as it is, cancer is a disease that can be controlled if detected in its earliest stages

The Ceylinco Cancer Centre specialises in treating cancer with the expertise of specialists and modern technology

Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a disease that occurs when cells in a particular part of the body grow out of control and develop into a tumor or mass. Today, there are many forms of cancer affecting men, women and children such as Breast Cancer, Melanoma or Skin Cancer, Lung Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Leukemia and Colon Cancer. Extensive research on its treatment is continuing by the world’s best scientists.
While decades ago, specialists had no solution for it, today with the aid of modern technology, Oncologists and scientists have developed means to help detect this disease in its early stages and destroy these abnormal cells. Although cancer is a serious illness and a growing concern globally, there are many who have successfully fought it, thanks to early detection of the disease.

Treatment Options


TomoTherapy is the most advanced Radiotherapy in Sri Lanka for cancer. This unique method of targeting tumours is an integrated, advanced form of 3-dimensional, image-guided radiation therapy for treating cancer. This is because the TomoHD unit provides more accurate radiation therapy for even the smallest tumours.

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