Counselling is a critical part of cancer treatment

When it comes to cancer, patients need to be prepared mentally and emotionally which is why counselling is vital in helping them cope and come to terms with their situation

Why we exist

Finding out that you or a loved one has cancer can be a difficult and stressful time. Cancer treatment can be challenging and sometimes seems daunting. A time that everybody needs a very special friend.

Who we are

A free and confidential care giving service offered to cancer patients and their loved ones. Our team of caregivers are professionally trained and experienced in helping people with cancer. Our service is on a one to one basis. The ‘caregiver’ service is offered free of charge by the Ceylinco Cancer Center.

What we do

We provide you an environment to share experiences, speak freely, develop new friendships, learn to live with cancer and most importantly to help you understand that what you are experiencing is not unique and others too are meeting the same challenges.

What we don’t do

Provide advice or recommendations on therapy.
Intrude on your relationship with doctors treating you and your medical team.
Offer opinion on any medication or supplements you may be using.

When to call

Any time, and leave a message. Your call will be returned as soon as possible. You will be assigned your very own caregiver as our service is on a one to one basis.

Our Team

Name Address E-mail Address
  Mr. Sisira      Jayalath    25, 3rd Lane, Rathmalana.
 Mrs. Nayana  Gomas    128/6, Koswatta Road, Nawala.
Mrs. Pushpa Peries  Siriweda Walawwa, Panadura   
 Mrs. Preethi  Bopearachchi    No. 65A, Station Road, Wattala  [email protected]
 Mrs. Premanie Perera    No. 70, Chakindharama Road, Rathmalana
 Mrs. Eroma Silva    104/3,1st Lane, gamunupura, Kaduwela.
 Mrs. Sheela Perera    133A,Thalawathugoda Road, Beddagana,    Pitakotte
 Mrs. Kumudini  Ameen    15/3, Main Street, Battaramulla [email protected]